I'm a general practitioner and when I'm not working I'm looking after my four yummy boys under nine (okay well one is actually over 39 but it’s the mental age that counts!). Although I work in primary care now I have certainly done my time in hospital medicine over the years and worked in a variety of medical and surgical specialties. 


Maybe it’s a bit strange for a doctor to be writing contemporary romance, but I thought I could use my experience to write what I hope are funny, occasionally bittersweet stories and give people a behind the scenes look at hospital medicine.


Of course these books are a works of fiction, but I promise that you really can cut the testosterone in some cardiology  and orthopaedic departments with a knife, and I thought they would be  fun places to set my stories. 

Goodnight is my only novel so far not set in the medical world and is a little darker then the rest.




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