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Beg, Borrow or Steal 

Jamie is proud of everything he’s achieved. A consultant anaesthetist and the Medical Education Director – he’s a pretty big deal. So when one of his medical students falls asleep, right in the middle of a tutorial, he is furious.


For Libby, pride is a luxury and beauty is currency. Pregnant at seventeen and an aspiring doctor, she couldn’t afford to be proud, so she cashed in on her looks instead. She will beg, borrow or steal to achieve her dreams and give her daughter the life she deserves, even if she has to forgo sleep – even if she has to leave her dignity behind.


A kick in the shin from a gorgeous little four-year-old girl and a confrontation with her tearful, exhausted mother soon forces Jamie to see what a bastard he’s been, and it’s not long before he realizes that this mother and daughter belong with him.  So when a stag night he’s on ends up in the best strip club in England and he sees who the main attraction is, his reaction is explosive.

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Limits (Beg, Borrow or Steal 2)

Out Now! 

For as long as she can remember Millie has had her limits. Staying within them keeps her isolated, safe; helps her to cope. Why then have they started to feel so stifling? Why is her loneliness starting to rival her fears?

When she watches him she wishes she could be normal; she wishes she could be like the people he interacts with so seamlessly. Pavlos Martakis is her complete and total opposite: physically intimidating, likable, naturally attractive, extremely confident, sexually promiscuous: the most uninhibited, charming, outgoing and free person she has ever encountered in her life. He fascinates Millie; thrills and intimidates her in equal measure.

But, as the culprit behind the invention of her nickname Nuclear Winter, Millie knows that if Pav feels anything for her it is more than likely contempt. Cold, boring, robotic: that is how the rest of the hospital sees her. So she can safely watch him from afar. He would never notice her … would he?

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Below is a link to some teasers chapters so you can see if it might be your cup of tea: 

Teaser Chapters for Limits 


Anything but Easy (Beg, Borrow or Steal 3)

Kira Murphy might be small but her personality and heart are not: a sexual health doctor with a foul mouth, pink streaks in her hair, a bizarre world view, a reputation for being ‘pathologically social’, and a huge crush on a the current Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth . . . she’s weird and lovable in equal measure.  


Barclay Lucas has made it into the cabinet with single-minded determination, sheer grit, and serious conservatism. He’s always in control. But when his brother is diagnosed with HIV, and a crazy, pink-haired, tiny dynamo turns his life upside-down, control for Barclay is a thing of the past. 


Anything but Easy is an opposites attract, full-length romantic comedy.

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