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Life is pain.


That is the reality Goodie has had to accept since she was nine years old. A life in the shadows where she can stay in darkness is fine by her. That is until he tries to pull her into the light.


Powerful, arrogant, filthy rich men are, quite frankly, a pain in Goodie’s arse. Luckily, she is an expert at maintaining an invisible presence, enabling her to keep any interaction with the egomaniacs she protects to a minimum … until she meets Nick Chambers.


Nick doesn’t seem to understand invisible presence, appropriate employer/employee protocol, security precautions, following instructions, or in fact just leaving her the fuck alone. Everything about him drives Goodie insane, and for some reason makes her feel threatened. Fear is weakness and if Goodie’s life has taught her anything it’s that you never, ever show weakness.


Nick is persistent but some things are so dark, so horrific they can’t be dragged into the light. Some people are beyond redemption, and Goodnight may be one of them. 

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